Thursday, February 26, 2009


Dark, thoughtful cassette from the blacked cheesescapes of Wisconsin. This tape is seriously FUCKED UP. There is simply no other way to describe it. Chances are you probably won't even like it on first listen. Just you wait for that second listen though, you cheemy little bastard. 

A damaged, deranged excursion across the post-apocolyptic tundra of depression; replete with ominpresent wolf-howls laced into the buzzing void. Keep hating yourself. You can almost feel the mud and snow soaking into your shoes.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Let's discuss Hawkwind for a moment, shall we? To steal from an associate of mine- DRUG SOUP. All this "Space Rock" or "Druggy Sound" that you have to hear cheems go on and on about these days- those dome-melters wouldn't exist without Hawkwind. I'm not going to go on and on, I will just say that I thought my friend was joking when he recommended me a hawkwind record at age 15. I listened to it and became a little less of a tool.

Trensmat, great new psych label across the water, released a limited set of three 7"s comprised of six contemporary bands covering Hawkwind. The records were more or less sold out before they even made it to stores. Shit is out of control and you need to hear it. Of particular note- the Bardo Pond track is absolutely garunteed to introduce you to an entirely different level of thought. Be sure to send me a postcard when you hit that next level of consciousness. Righteous.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I remember being about 14 and never really liking Black Flag much. Henry Rollins just never really did much for me. Then I saw the Black Flag portion of Decline of Western Civilization and everything changed. I can't discuss punk records without finding out who the person's favorite Black Flag singer is. For my part, the songs on SST-001 featuring Keith Morris are by far my favorite, however I'd have to say Chavo was my favorite singer because he is such a fucking dick. Seriously- what a disgusting piece of Canadian born-again-christian shit.

Enjoy this clip that solidified my love of Black Flag and provided a great knowledge base on how to be even more shitty at life. 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Album Leaf - An Orchestrated Rise To Fall

Moody music for moody people.  Perfect for this early morning winter rain, perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.  Most of it seems like it was recorded on a whim in his home, with copious ambient street noise and tangents that don't really go anywhere, but don't really need to.  Beautiful music from the dude whose dick is flapping around in that Crimson Curse halloween video.

It's a real shame that it isn't around to be purchased anymore, so here it is.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


It is refreshing to put on this record for the first time and have a searing hot ice pick shoved into your feeble dome. The easiest way to describe Sex Vid is what Void would sound like if they were a bit faster and did a lot of drugs. Filthy, abrasive punk laced with brief chaotic psych freak-outs. Maybe this recession will rid the world eyeliner garbage jams and bring back some face stomping punk.
As for this particular record, it seems the general opinion is that it falls a bit short of some of their previous releases- namely the nameless debut 7". That is just bullshit from record nerd cheems. It is possibly their most psych-laced (see above) release. You have to listen to Exorcism at least twice to make sure your diseased mind isn't imagining the fucked up howling in the distance. Always Home is a slowed down reminder of why you grew up listening to punk records. FILTHY.